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Product Dimensions, Specifications, and Other Details


24 gauge interior steel thickness, 20 gauge exterior steel thickness, 201 type stainless steel

-Top of the top port is 2" from the rim
-Bottom of the bottom port is 3.5" from the base externally and 1.5" from the base internally.
-Thermometer is submerged when filled to about 40% capacity and above.

10 gallon (10.5 gallon capacity filled to brim)
Inner dimensions: 13.8" diameter, 16.5" height
Outer dimensions: 16" diameter, 20" height including lid

15 gallon (15.8 gallon capacity filled to brim)
Inner dimensions: 15.7" diameter, 18.9" height
Outer dimensions: 18" diameter, 22" height

20 gallon (21.0 gallon capacity filled to brim)
Inner dimensions: 17.7" diameter, 19.7" height
Outer dimensions: 20" diameter, 23" height


Lid has a silicone seal.

Insulation is polyurethane foam.

The entire vessel is insulated, including the bottom and the lid.
Shipping specifications:
10 Gallon ThermoBarrel 17"*17"*21" 24lbs 26lbs with packaging
15 Gallon ThermoBarrel 19"*19"*24" 29lbs 32lbs with packaging
20 Gallon ThermoBarrel 21"*21"*25" 33lbs 36lbs with packaging





7 gallon UniVessel fermenter
22 gauge, 201 type stainless steel

12" inner diameter, 16" height 
14" outer diameter at the widest point and 20" height with ball valve and airlock

34.5" to 37"circumference around the body of the vessel, and a 44" circumference encompassing the clamps

14 gallon UniVessel fermenter
20 gauge, 201 type stainless steel


16" inner diameter, 19" height

18" outer diameter at the widest point and 23" height with ball valve and airlock


Other details:


-Airtight seal is achieved with a replaceable silicone gasket in the lid

-Can be modified for tri-clamp lid pressure transfers ( )

-Can alternately be used as a brew kettle

-Can be used to ferment beer, wine, mead, kombucha, etc.



 Shipping specifications:

7 Gallon UniVessel Portless 14”*14”*18” 8lbs 9lbs with packaging
7 Gallon UniVessel Ported 14”*14”*18” 9lbs 10lbs with packaging
14 Gallon UniVessel Portless 18”*18”*22” 15lbs 16lbs with packaging
14 Gallon UniVessel Ported 18”*18”*22” 16lbs 17lbs with packaging