Homebrew Equipment

 Thanks to our Kickstarter supporters for helping us launch the business! Below is a list of people we would like to thank in particular. (All names are listed alphabetically by surname within their subcategory.)

True Believers:
Thanks for believing in us! We want to thank these people below not only for your physical support, but your moral support and trust.

Melanie Barnett
Anita Hornback and John Chapman
Peter Chapman
Dee and John Hornback
Grant Schnarr

Active Supporters:

These supporters put a lot of time and effort into creating the campaign and spreading the word.

Derek Austin, and Grits and Grouper Soup
Marshall the Brulosopher
Kit Lee
Cathy Cole Schnarr

Enthusiastic Supporters:
These backers didn't want any equipment, but supported the campaign anyway. Thanks!

Kurt Asplundh
Susan Braze
Ian Chapman
Jana Chapman
Mollie Chapman
Bethany Childs
Adam Cole
Curtis Glenn
Dylan H. Glenn
Mark Grimes
Nathan Howard
Miranda Kufs
Mick Larson
Kayne Lermitte
Alex Mustico
Anna Louise Neiger
Micah Odhner
Lauren Pinkleton
Denielle Elder Schnarr
Joshua Schnarr
Justin Steinfadt
Will Stonebanks
Greg Synnestvedt
Steve Volocyk
Ruth Wherlend

Our Top 11 Backers/Customers:

These 11 supporters got the best discounts you will ever see for Chapman gear. We had no contact with these supporters before the Kickstarter campaign, but these backers found out about us and decided to take the plunge. Most of them will be rewarded with large 3-vessel setups and multiple fermenters.

Gregory Anderson
Aaron Burghard
Darin Dagwood Dacus
Yana Galitsyna
Harry Graham
Lance Hoover
Don Hudson
Richard Morgan
Brandon Nuess
Eric Wassmuth
Matt Yackell