We launched our company through Kickstarter. See here for a list of supporters.

We are a group of homebrewers who have come together from around the world to design and manufacture homebrew equipment. With different backgrounds and experiences brewing, we are able to come up with creative solutions to our brewing problems.

Along with these creative solutions, we've also built network of connections in industrial China, where the majority of us are currently residing. So we have put those connections to use and cut out the middle man.

By going the direct route, we can send our products straight to the customer. From quality assurance at the factory to shipping direct from our warehouse in Portland, we are involved with the entire process of creating and distributing our products.


Steve Chapman 
Project Coordinator

Amanda Elder 
Portland Project Coordinator

Richard Key 

Aileen Lee 
Logistics Coordinator

Mik Pathi 
‚ÄčIT Guy


Homebrew Equipment